Monthly Archives: August 2014

Where I am Today

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted.  I’ve come a long ways this past year. I feel that I have gotten stronger. When I look back, I know that I have gotten stronger.  I am learning to reach out to others, making new friends, trying new things.

My life is good. It’s not bad. I get lonely, but I’m not alone. I have so many good people around me and I’m learning to not let the other people get to me or bring me down. That’s the hardest thing for me.

I know what I want my life to look like, the kind of person I want to share it with, the things I want to do as a family.  Not a day goes by that I don’t compare my day/my life to others around me.  I’m human. I get jealous of others that appear to have the “perfect life” on the outside.  The ones that post the Facebook HiLights and do their best to hide their Lowlights. I was the same way and perhaps I sometimes still get sucked into doing that so everyone thinks I have it all together.  I’m doing my best to not get hung up on it. I pray that someday I will get to live my dreams with someone. But for now, my girls are what matters.  I hope they see the strong side of me and not just my weak side. I pray they learn so much from my mistakes, get stronger by watching me survive each day, gain independence by watching me be independent.  And that their faith stays strong and keeps growing and that they always believe that He will take care of all things for us so we don’t have to worry.